Sign up for 2018-2019 season begins June 1st

Providing different resources and crafting real argumentation.


BallotBouts at the 2017 Yale Invitational

Apply for our Lincoln-Douglas program; it just takes a few steps:

  1. Complete an application.
  2. Receive email confirmation
  3. Await decision
  4. If accepted, payment options will be invoiced
  5. Finally, meet your adviser, mentor, and drill instructor for the season.

At Ballotbouts, we provide a well qualified staff that is just as devoted if not more determined to improve your debate performance as you are. Which is why each debater that joins the team receives:

an adviser who is available on dial for any questions regarding debate;

a mentor who is responsible for bridging the student and BallotBouts in debate and life;

and finally a drill instructor that preps and drills according to the tailored schedule.

Every debate round you will step in will be a fight for the ballot. What truly separates good debaters from the great debaters is who they have in their corner. BallotBouts offers a network of former debaters and coaches who have the experience needed to win rounds whether it is your regional or national tournament. Let us be in your corner when the bout begins this upcoming season.

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